Women’s Wednesday

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Women's Wednesday is a special campaign at our clinic where all women-related health issues will be addressed at a discounted

The campaign covers consultations and treatments for a wide range of women's health issues, addressing both acute and chronic

The campaign runs every Wednesday, providing an exclusive opportunity for women to seek healthcare solutions at a discounted

The fee for all consultations related to women's health issues on Women's Wednesday is discounted to a flat rate of Rs. 250.

Yes, we recommend scheduling an appointment to ensure prompt and dedicated attention during your Women's Wednesday

Yes, all our experienced practitioners are actively participating in the Women's Wednesday Campaign, offering their expertise
across various specialties.

The discounted fee of Rs. 250 applies specifically to consultations during Women's Wednesday and does not extend to tests or
additional services.

Absolutely! The Women's Wednesday Campaign welcomes women of all age groups to address their health concerns at the
discounted fee of Rs. 250.

While the campaign is focused on women's health, accompanying family members or friends are welcome, but the discounted fee
applies only to the woman seeking consultation.

The Women's Wednesday Campaign is an ongoing initiative, providing discounted consultations every Wednesday to support women's
health and well-being.