Abies Canadensis

In the vast world of homeopathy, where remedies are derived from various natural sources, Abies Canadensis emerges as a potent healer sourced from the bounties of nature. Also known as Hemlock Spruce or Canada Pitch, Abies Canadensis holds a unique place in homeopathic “materia medicas” for its therapeutic properties and wide-ranging applications.

Clinical Conditions
Liver disorder
Uterine displacement.

Guiding Symptoms or Indications.
Flatulence with Palpitation.
Sensation of Coldness along the spine (Am.mur).
Craving for Meat and pickles
tendency to overeating.

Dosage and Power
It is available in Homeopathic medical store in various potencies. like 3X, 6X, 6C, 30C, 200C, 1000C, and so on.
Dosage and its repetition is as directed by your homeopathic physician.

Tips to improve Indigestion
Drinks Sufficient amount water.
Have enough fiber / roughage in your diet
Regular moderate exercise
Maintain good Sleep hygiene
Manage Stress
Avoid tight clothing.

Tips to manage uterine prolapse
Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegels)
Maintain a Healthy Weight
Avoid Heavy Lifting
Maintain good posture
Use Supportive Devices
Avoid Constipation
Practice Pelvic Floor Relaxation Techniques

Hope you find this useful. Wish you a good health!

If feeling any symptom related to indigestion, liver or gallbladder and Uterine displacement, can contact our Homeopathic Doctor or book an appointment now.

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