Abies Nigra

In the realm of homeopathy, where remedies are derived from natural sources, Abies Nigra shines as a potent healer sourced from the rich tapestry of the natural world. Also known as Black Spruce or Canadian Hemlock, Abies Nigra holds a unique place in homeopathic materia medicas for its therapeutic properties and versatile applications.

Clinical Conditions
Malarial fevers.
Tea, effects of.
Tobacco, effects of.

Guiding Symptoms or Indications.
Heaviness in epigastric region of abdomen (Stomach) which aggravates after eating.
Sensation in the cardiac end of the stomach or in the esophagus where it enters the stomach, as if a hard body, as a hard-boiled egg, had lodged there.
Distress in the head, with flushed cheeks, often accompanies the dyspeptic symptoms of this remedy.

Dosage and Power
It is available in Homeopathic medical store in various potencies. like 3X, 6X, 6C, 30C, 200C, 1000C, and so on.
Dosage and its repetition is as directed by your homeopathic physician.

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